Mrs. MacGrady

Full name: Sarah MacGrady

Favourite colour: Grey

Favourite things: Exact change, single file lines and pinball.

Places she want to visit: Rock and Roll hall of Fame

Favourite joke: Why does a giraffe have such a long neck? Because it's head is a long way from it's body!

U StinkEdit

Mrs. MacGrady played in the band U Stink, which was first shown in It's Only Rock 'n Roll. She played the keyboard. Sarah gave great advice, and wanted the band to be called The 5 oppossels of the New Millenium.

The Great MacGradyEdit

In season 13 of Arthur Sarah MacGrady was diagniosed with cancer. Everyone from Lakewood Elementry went to see her. Sarah lost all of her hair from chemotherapy, and wore a pink and white polka-dotted head scarf. Francine Frensky cared about her so much that she organized a bike race to raise money for cancer! Even Lance Armstrong went! Mrs.Macgrady was cured from cancer and returned to her job as lunch lady. In this episode someone called her Leah, don't be fooled Arthur lovers her name is Sarah.

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