The popular fast-food business in Elwood City


Chicken Licken has a restauraunt at Mill Creek Mall. They also tried to buy out the Sugar Bowl, until Sue Ellen� organised a protest group trying to save the Sugar Bowl.


The Chicken Licken business is owned by Boregard Poulet, who resembles Colonel Harland Sanders, the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Boregard Poulet

Boregard Poulet

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Colonel Harland Sanders

It is supposed to be a parody of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but there is also a Chicken Licken restaurant in South Africa and Botswana owned by Golden Fried Chicken PTY LTD.


Chicken Licken's menu consists of moslty chicken� products.

Crispy Dippin' Lickens - $2.99

Crunchy Chicken Licken Sandwhich - $1.99

Lookin League Chick Sticks - $0.99


Food at Chicken Licken


The commercial for Chicken Licken features Boregard Poulet inside of his barn, which is a disco party in side, with dancing chickens while Boregard says the menu.

a scene from the Chicken Licken commercial

Chicken DayEdit

Chicken Day was celebrated when the Chicken Licken store opened in Mill Creek Mall.� This "holiday" resembled christmas, because the children would line up and sit on Boregard Poulet's� lap saying what they want for Chicken Day, just like when children sit on Santa's lap and say what they want for christmas.


chicken day


When Sue Ellen� heard that Carl (owner of the Sugar Bowl) was going to sell the Sugar Bowl to Chicken Licken, she organized a protest party to save the Sugar Bowl. In the end Carl decided not to sell the Sugar Bowl because his business got really good because everyone went because they thought it was going so they wanted to go one last time. Carl made alot of money and realized his store was fine the way it was.

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