Bionic bunny

Bionic Bunny

Wilbur Rabbit (a.k.a. Bionic Bunny) is the superhero on the TV Show Arthur. Bionic Bunny is featured in comic books, movies, and television shows in Elwood City


Bionic Bunny wears sneakers, a red and blue superhero costume and a red cape. He also has an antennae hat and a a gold wristwatch. Just like an actually rabbit, Bionic Bunny has the large rabbit ears on top of his head. When Bionic Bunny is his real self Wilbur Rabbit, he wears the same brown glasses as Arthur.

Super Powers/WeaknessesEdit

Bionic Bunny has many super powers, like flying and superstrength. Bionic Bunny's weakness is salt, like other superheroes Superman and Kryptonite.

Bionic Bunny merchandiseEdit

A Bionic Bunny poster can be seen in Arthur's bedroom, on Arthur's walkie-takies, and on a pair of Arthur's underwear

Dark BunnyEdit

In the first episode were they revealed Dark Bunny, they said that Dark Bunny and Bionic Bunny are cousins, but in a later episode, they say that Bionic Bunny and Dark Bunny are actually brothers.

Conejo BionicoEdit

Conejo Bionico is the spanish version of Bionic Bunny. This comic is shown when Alberto gives Arthur the spanish comic.

Bionic Bunny on "Postcards from Buster"Edit

Bionic Bunny has been on Postcards from Buster a couple times.� Bionic Bunny was shown on Postcards from Buster when there was a Bionic Bunny movie shown. In this movie, Bionic Bunny had a girlfriend, who also was a superhero. This upset alot of viewers, especially Buster, who writes a letter to the producers with suggestions for a sequel, which are acted out by various children Buster meets.

Other infromationEdit

  • Favourite joke: Why don't austronauts get hungry? They've usually had a big launch
  • Place Bionic Bunny most wants to visit: The Zark Nebula
  • Favourite Colour: Atomic Tangerine
  • What Bionic Bunny likes: Baby carrots, high-performance fleece, energy bars
  • What Bionic Bunny wants to be: A social worker

Bionic Bunny energy drinkEdit

In the season 13 episode, "Legend of the Supernova", Bionic Bunny has an energy drink. Arthur goes to by this energy drink but he is upset when he sees the ingredients, which is basically sugar and water. Being upset, Arthur doesn't want to dress up as Bionic Bunny for the comic book covention, so he creates his own superhero.

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