Arthur Timothy Read

Arthur Timothy Read

Arthur Read (full name Arthur Timothy Read) is an eight-year-old male aardvark. Arthur is the main character on a TV show created in 1996.


Arthur is an aardvark, who is eight years old. Arthur's clothes mostly consist of his yellow sweater, blue jeans, red and white sneakers, and his brown glasses. The glasses that Arthur wears are the same glasses that popular TV show superhero Bionic Bunny wears. In some of the old Arthur Books, Arthur nose was much longer (like an actually aardvark). This long nose can be seen in Arthur's Nose (book). This nose design changed through half of the books, and the shorter nose design was kept throughout the TV show.


Arthur is the son of David Read (father) and Jane Read (mother). He has two sisters, D.W. Read, and his youngest sister Kate Read. Pal is the name of Arthur's dog. Other Relatives include Grandma Thora, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Fred, Uncle Richard (David's Brother), Aunt Jessica, Aunt Loretta, Aunt Lucy, Great-Grandma (Grandma Thora's mother), and Arthur's cousins Cora, Monique (Cousin Moe)u
Cousin moe

Cousin Moe (Monique) and Arthur playing Piano at the Read Family Reunion

e, Ricky, and other unnamed relatives. Most of Arthur's Relatives come from Ohio, United States.

Some of Arthur's Relatives

Friends Edit

Although Arthur has alot of friends, his best friend is Buster Baxter.

  • Buster Baxter is Arthur's best friend. Buster Baxter is a rabbit. Buster Baxter is a really happy person. He loves telling jokes, watching TV, eating, and hanging out with his buddies. One of Buster Baxter hobbies is collecting food for his food collection, which is filled with interesting foods that Buster Baxter saves. Another one of Buster Baxter's hobbies is caring for the local food garden. Buster Baxter started his own show, Postcards from Buster, which involves Buster taking videos of people or things he comes across while traveling around the world with his dad (Bo Baxter). Buster Baxter also is a high believer in Aliens, and he is upsessed with them. Buster Baxter has asthma. Instead of celebrating Christmas Buster Baxter and his Mother (Bitzi Baxter) celebrate their own made up holiday, Baxter Day. Buster Baxter's parents are divorced.
  • Alan (the Brain) Powers  is one of Arthur`s friends and is in Mr. Ratburn's class along with Arthur. Alan (the Brain) Powers is the smartest kid in the class. Alan (the Brain) Powers and his mom own the local ice cream shop. Along with working at the ice cream shop, Alan (the Brain) Powers is involved in many other things, including the soccer team. the Brain is also a very good soccer player, him and Francine Frensky once got accepted into the "A" team, the best soccer team in Elwood City. Alan (the Brain) Powers is actually one year older than Arthur and most of his friends, because Alan (the Brain) Powers was held back one year in Kindergarden because he was a "cryer", someone who is not emotionaly ready to move on to a higher grade
  • Binky Barnes is in Arthur`s third grade class. He is the the same age as Alan (the Brain) Powers, one year older than Arthur� and most of his friends. Binky was held back in the third grade, which means that Binky has been in Mr. Ratburn's class twice. Binky is one of the bullies. He hangs out with a group called the "Tough Customers". Although Binky is a bully, he likes to spend his time doing ballet, playing the clarinet, and catching butterflies. Binky and his parents went to China to adopt a chinese girl, who is the same age as Kate, Arthur`s sister.
  • Mary (Muffy) Alice Crosswire is Arthur's friend but Francine Frensky's best friend. Muffy came to Elwood City when Arthur and his pals were in grade 2. Muffy father (Ed Crosswire) owns the popular car business "Crosswire Motors". Muffy is a good friend, mostly. Muffy can be a total snob, who brags to others because she is richer than them. Muffy's middle name "Alice" is the same middle name as best freind Francine. Muffy has an older brother (Chip) who is in university.
  • Francine Alice Frensky is one of Arthur's best friends, but is the best friend to Mary (Muffy) Alice Crosswire. Both Muffy and Francine have the same middle name (Alice). Francine is a sporty girl who loves soccer, football, and baseball. Francine is the best athlete out of Arthur and the gang. Francine also plays the drums and is an exellent singer, but not at the same time. Francine wrote the famous song for the hit band "U Stink". Francine can be rude and mean sometimes. Francine has been Arthur's friend since preschool, along with Buster.
  • Fern Walters is one of Arthur's classmates. Fern is a shy girl, but loves to write poems and read ditective stories. Fern has solved some of her own mysteries before. Fern also makes up good scary stories.
  • George Lundgren/Nordgren is a classmate to Arthur and like Fern, is very shy and quite. George has dyslexia, which makes it hard for him to read and write. His classmates know George for being a good ventriloquist, with his giraffe dummy Wally. George's father owns a workshop, and George himself is good in the woodshop. Georges's last name (Nordgren) has been changed to Lundgren after the 11th season. And whenever there is a contest that George is involved in, George always wins (this is a running gag in the series)
  • Prunella Deegan is in the fourth grade, a grade above Arthur and most of his friends. Prunella is obsessed with Henry Screever, a parody of Harry Potter. Prunella enjoys yoga andfortune telling.
  • Sue Ellen Armstrong is in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class along with Arthur and the gang. Sue Ellen came to Elwood city in the third grade. Sue Ellen has traveled many places around the world because of her father's job. Sue Ellen has a black belt in tae-kwon-do.
  • Adil Akyuz is Arthur's turkish pen pal. Him and Arthur have alot in common even though when they first started communicating Arthur misunderstood how life was in Turkey and realized that he might have offended Adil.
  • Jenna Morgan is not one of Arthur's best friends. Jenna Morgan is a great athlete and has been chosen "Athlete of the year" award from figure skater Michelle Kwan. Jenna has nocturnal enuresis and is lactose intolerant.

Other InformationEdit

  • Favourite Joke: I took Pal to a flea circus once, but he stole the show!
  • Place Arthur most wants to visit: Mount Everest
  • Favourite Colour: Yellow
  • What Arthur likes: Pal, Pancakes, hanging out with Buster Baxter
  • What Arthur wants to be: Teacher, Vet, or maybe Bionic Bunny's animal trainer
  • Favourite Books: George and Martha, Shiloh, How to eat fried worms, Stories Julian tells,
  • Birthdate: May 25
  • Musical Instrument: Piano
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