Arthur's missing Pal is a movie relased on August 22nd, 2006. This movie is about Arthur going on a search for Pal, and Buster Baxter, learning new detective skills. This movie takes place when D.W. wins tickets to a Mary Moo Cow Extravanganza, which she goes to with Kate(baby sister), and Jane Read(mother). In Arthur's missing Pal, the characters are almost 3-D, they wear different clothes, and look very different.


Appearance Edit

Arthur Read: A long sleeve yellow collared shirt, with white buttons. His glasses are still brown, and he has black shoes.

D.W. Read: A white long sleeve shirt with pink stripes, and her usual pink dress. Her tights are also white with pink stripes, and her blue shoes. She also has dark brown hair, just like in the episodes.

Buster Baxter: Mainly his brown black-button detective coat, with his jeans, and usual red and white sneakers. When he isn't wearing his detective coat, he's wearing a long sleeve turqouise white buttoned shirt.

Alan Powers (the Brain): A white long sleeve shirt, with a yellow collar under shirt with no buttons. No pants shown.

Francine Frensky: A long sleeve plain red shirt, with a blue pair of jeans.

Binky Barnes: Blue and white plaid long sleeve, with darker jeans, a brown belt, and brown shoes.

Muffy Crosswire: Pink and purple dress, purple collar, and white buttons. Her light brown hair in braids, white long socks, and purple mary-janes.

Prunella Deegan: As in the episodes, Prunella is wearing a blue and white dress, with white socks, and orange-ish shoes. As usual, she has a matching blue bow in her curly hair.

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